Hello Beautiful Babes!

Let me introduce myself and a little bit of my journey leading up to the creation of Self Love Renovation and the Women Empowerment Movement.

My name is Candice Bell, I am a mother and a thyroid cancer survivor. When i was misdiagnosed with Thyroid cancer and ended up with a mishap in surgery that created the inability for me to eat solid foods for 2 years i was desperate for answers. I began seeking help from many of my friends who were practitioners and who knew people in their industry that could help me restore my body. I received many different alternative therapies and it really opened my mindset to so many questions.

While I dealt with my 23 month cancer journey and liquid diet i established that i had to learn more to self heal. Over my time of training i really realized that i saw my greatest results when i took time to work closely with intention, mindset and projection (what we put out into the world). I began to notice my best results when i created a positive intention to stay present and grateful. As my journey was definitely a constant battle i made the choice to stay as positive and forward moving not only for myself but for my daughter. Here is where i reaped the most results and realized i had shifted my mindset. 

I discovered my passion and it’s results making the decision to create my purpose to share it with the world. I intentionally created Self love renovation women empowerment movement to do just that. Self love renovation hosts a variety of women in business events, workshops and programs to empower women to own their power today!

 If you said to me 5 years ago I would be standing on stage, facilitating, coaching and empowering women to live their best life. I would of laughed and told you that was crazy talk. I would of never in my wildest dreams thought my journey would lead me to such incredible things. I would of never thought I was WORTH the amazing community I have been gifted with or the experiences that I have created along the way. But if you asked me today i would tell you that we are made for great things and deserving of all we choose to attract.

In a moment of vulnerability I shared my story that not only lead me to this road but that allowed me to create the environment where other women could be vulnerable without fear of judgement to share their story. Together our story’s define us separately but sharing them together creates the ability to no longer have to stand alone.

For that I am forever grateful
Much Love !

Candice Bell