Boss Babe Exclusive Virtual Summit



Sunday July 12 2020 - 8am to 5pm

Location: The comfort of your own home (virtual)

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What is a Boss Babe Exclusive Summit?
The Summit was established by women for women to create the opportunity for all women to join in on a full day of motivational and training Speaking Engagements.
Throughout the day our goal is to Uplift, Inspire, and Empower you to become one step closer to living your best life. We have brought together a speaking panel of women in business to share their stories on how they created their passions into their purposes. They also share with us tools they have found along their journey to be most effective in creating their success.
This will not just be a speaking engagement; this will allow you to learn from some amazing women in business but also gives you the opportunity to build new relationships with other mind like women. Expanding our network is so important in this day and age when it comes to creating a successful business.
Allowing the opportunity to create more relationships to support your success journey is so important to us. We believe it is very important to stay motivated and empowered to help us all continue to pursue our purpose. While also creating the opportunity for us to receive tips and training that we can implement not only for personal growth but for our business as well.
As busy mothers and women trying to nurture our families as well as our business, we tend not to take time for ourselves. We have create an elegant environment and entertaining series of events. We want all women who join our event to feel pampered, motivated, encouraged to step into their light and own the power of who they are. So we recommend you take this day to enjoy yourself and up level your life.
What is a Virtual Summit?
6 hours of Motivational and training virtual experience from 6 keynote speakers streamed from the comfort of your own home.
Digital training manual created by all keynote speakers
What will you find here?
A collective community of mind like women interested in;
Personal and business growth and development
Owning the power of how you show up everyday
Owning the power of what you choose to create
Owning the power of who you are and who you choose to be
Accepting the power to own the pen and write your own story

Self Love Renovation Women Empowerment movement mission is:

To support women in becoming intuitive heart centred present strong and limitless beings. To remind and remember you hold no limits or conditions and are wildly capable of all you desire. Encouraging you to rise above the fears, worries and doubts that say you can not and every single day confidently and intentionally proving you can. Creating the ability to have the courage to remove old conditioning and beliefs taking off the “safety net”. To be honourably your authentic self with trust to unapologetically share your truth releasing all validation except one’s own. Taking action to define one’s own destiny presently and intentionally.

Who Are the Guest Speakers?

Candice Bell – Founder of Self Love Renovation
Let me introduce myself and a little bit of my journey leading up to the creation of Self Love Renovation and the Women Empowerment Movement.
My name is Candice Bell, I am a mother and a thyroid cancer survivor. When i was misdiagnosed with Thyroid cancer and ended up with a mishap in surgery that created the inability for me to eat solid foods for 2 years i was desperate for answers. 
I began seeking help from many of my friends who were practitioners and who knew people in their industry that could help me restore my body. I received many different alternative therapies and it really opened my mindset to so many questions.
While I dealt with my 23 month cancer journey and liquid diet i established that i had to learn more to self heal. Over my time of training i really realized that i saw my greatest results when i took time to work closely with intention, mindset and projection (what we put out into the world). 
I began to notice my best results when i created a positive intention to stay present and grateful. As my journey was definitely a constant battle i made the choice to stay as positive and forward moving not only for myself but for my daughter. Here is where i reaped the most results and realized i had shifted my mindset. 
I discovered my passion and it’s results making the decision to create my purpose to share it with the world. I intentionally created Self love renovation women empowerment movement to do just that.
Self love renovation hosts a variety of women in business events, workshops and programs to empower women to own their power today!
Topic: Getting unstuck in a world full of glue
Understanding yo own the power of who you are and what you want. Accepting that you own the pen to write your own story. Releasing all comparing and competitive believe systems. Understanding you definition of success and releasing everything else. Releasing the fear and doing it anyway its time to fail forward towards your greatest success starting today!



Buttercream Clothing - Candice Munro


As the name describes, Buttercream Clothing is made of luxurious, soft fabric that feels like butter on your skin. Every garment is locally and ethically made in Canada. Candice has grown this business over the last seven years from her kitchen table to a successful, well-known brand with a strong social media following. Candice loves the community that has come out of this brand and is so grateful for the amazing women that wear her clothing proudly! Buttercream Clothing sizes range from xsmall to size 3x and offers custom length on garments for those customers that struggle to find the perfect fit. Amazing customer service and excellent product is what sets this brand apart!



Resiliency in business - pivoting and innovating in unique times
From aprons to clothing, wholesale to online, warehouse to home-based, Buttercream clothing has done it all. Listen to the story of a kitchen table startup that has become a well known brand that is loved by thousands. The Buttercream story is all about evolving with the market, resiliency in tough times and key tips to success in your business in this unique climate.

Jessyka Hagen – Founder of Milk Stains & Meltdowns

Lifestyle influencer & Mental health advocate 

Creative & Driven, 
Jessyka Hagen is a Lifestyle Influencer, Mental Health Advocate and Public Speaker. A drama major and sociology graduate she is driven by creativity, social trends and entertainment. Her rapid success on social media is proof that wit, honest reviews and authenticity drive online presence. She confidently brings those aspects and more to the brands she represents. 
"I wear my heart on my sleeve thus, my whole heart 
pours into everything I do." 
Topic: Vulnerability is not a weakness
 It is our most accurate measure of courage and the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, empathy, creativity and innovation. Come understand how vulnerability is a strength and how it affects our everyday lives. How transmitting vulnerability and authenticity is the key to growing your business. 
“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.”
– Brené Brown

Kristy Shields - Canadian Athlete and Personal Trainer

Kristy was born and raised in interior BC where she has recently returned to raise her daughter. As a University of Calgary alumni, Kristy also competed for the Canadian Bobsleigh team.
Post athletic career, she moved to California where she started her personal training company that included celebrity clients.
As a mother and a lover of life, her desire was to raise her daughter in the family and community environment upbringing which she experienced so she returned to her hometown in Canada.


The New Feminist: Who is She? 

Once upon a time, the likes of the Suffragettes, Gloria Steinheim and Jane Fonda marched and challenged the social norm of male vs. female roles.  These people were brave enough to pave a new highway for us. 
But in the era of equal rights, #metoo and working moms,  what does it mean to be a feminist now? How has the definition morphed since?
Calling your own shots, believing in yourself, being strong, being vulnerable, being graceful, being tough?  The definition is ours to create.  


 Natasha Mott - Founder/ Owner Raising the vibes metaphysical academy

Practitioner, Educator, Author

Natasha Mott, is a mom of two beautiful girls aged 11 and 9. She lives in Calgary and loves all things spiritual. She is all about pushing boundaries.
As an Akashic Records frequent visitor (understatement), most of the people that she works with are in a place where they are feeling stuck. Stuck in their relationships, stuck with unresolved health issues, stuck in business, or just unable to move forward into who they truly are and live their life with purpose. 
She created a methodology that is in the process of being published. It is based on Feng Shui's your business and life, a methodology to create balance, growth, and sustainability.
She created the online Raising the Vibes Metaphysical Academy where she teaches people the tools to connect with their Spidey senses/intuition or gut instinct. These courses and products will help you expand and activate the ancient wisdom you already carry within your cells and your genetics as well has assisting you on your spiritual journey.
As a practitioner she has brought together a few natural therapies like Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki and the Akashic's to facilitate her clients with releasing their past, be it on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level, she is confident that she can assist you in your ascension process.
Topic: The call back to wholeness
The new paradigm for spiritual entrepreneurs.
“Do you feel like it is all harder than it needs to be and you just haven’t found the right way to integrate all of life’s moving pieces yet?” “Do you feel like you are rocking home life or rocking business life but not both at the same time?” “Are you distracted and tugged at by thinking of your home life demands during your working hours and thinking about your work life demands during your at home hours?” “Are you so busy putting out fires all the time that you have no time to create new products and services for your clients who are asking for them?” “Do you find yourself desiring more peace, fun, freedom, and passion in all areas of your life?” “Do you feel like it is all too much and that you might be headed towards overwhelm, exhaustion, and worse yet, burn out?”
What if it could be easier? What if our advisor could be unconditional love and grace, your soul and its blueprint? What would that create? What if each person was free to mind their business with discerning focus on their passion and purpose and how it can serve and be of value to their clients? What if it could be fun and feel alive? Time to own all the pieces and become one!

Kelsey Neal - Monat Leader + Motivational Speaker

Kelsey Neal is a passionate influencer of change, self worth motivator and speaker, Thyroid Cancer survivor and she also has a successful network marketing business by day. Kelsey is a small town girl born and raised in Saskatchewan and has been living in Alberta with her husband and dog for the past 12 years. They reside downtown where she can expose herself to the culture and community, although she enjoys spending time outdoors in nature, she also has a passion for food and restaurants and adventures travelling the world.

Her career began in the Early Childcare and Education field in 2009 were she worked her way up University at Mount Royal, she started in daycares to working in the business of Licensing with the Government while monitoring dayhomes and supporting the educators within the environment. After 11 years her passions became her pressure and was tired of working for someone else. After her diagnosis of Thyroid Cancer in 2015, she decided to shift gears and move forward with her traumatic experiences and dream bigger with her time. Her story behind her cancer journey began to unfold to her social media audience. Her dreams of becoming a speaker, mentor and influencer took shape when she joined the company Monat Global to promote hair growth during her cancer treatments. After seeking changes in her confidence while helping others along the way, she dedicated her time to giving back to those in her cancer community who also struggled with hair loss and self esteem. She started to build a team of other survivors, specialists, nurses, stylists who all had connections and needed support. Her full time career has switched from Childcare Educator to Self worth Influencer from home.

Kelsey today is a Top Canadian Mentor and recent nominee for the up and coming Woman to watch of YYC. She is a certified One woman Fearless Speaker who has now shared her story across the stages of North America to over several hundreds of like minded woman also reaching for more. Kelsey is a firm believer in overcoming obstacles, struggles while owning them. Failing forward is a daily affirmation and she is here to help you see it's okay to fall.
Kelsey’s drive and passion for life does not go unnoticed as she continues to change the minds and hearts of others when it comes to owning their dreams over doubts and investing in their confidence, growth and belief in what they can have, do and be in life.


Taking back what's yours  

Balancing your thoughts and actions while trying to have, do and be more with your life when you are not doing well.  
The burn out and the importance of putting on the breaks in your business and personal life. Getting back to your why, finding your peace and what makes you happiest in a world full of chaos and confusion. Defining your success, welcoming all emotions. Tips on filling your cup to be a better boss babe, business owner, leader, friend, spouse, wife, mother. 
Reflection, recharge, re birth one day at a time.